Aug 242013

Here’s the latest game I’ve been working on. It’s a wacky field goal challenge featuring multiple levels. Each level is themed like an American Football team each with their own challenges. So for instance the Skulls level features a giant skull which you have to navigate around.

Title screen

More screenshots and segments to follow in the next few weeks.

Avatar Field Goal is in its final stages of development with an expected release of November 2013.

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Feb 072012

After a bit of wait, PebbleDash is now available to play on your Windows Phone! Featuring retro gameplay in a similar mould to Boulderdash and Mr. Do, PebbleDash challenges you to brave 15 underground mines searching for lost treasure.

PebbleDash is available from marketplace for the low low price of $1 USD. There’s also a completely free (ad-supported) version for you to download.


Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4

You can get the free version of PebbleDash from here :

If you’d prefer ad-free gaming, then you’ll find your download here :

I’m planning on constantly updating the game with new levels and items – if you have any requests (perhaps a public level editor?) then feel free to get in contact!

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Jan 192012

Cubify My Picture logoEver wanted to see what your pictures might look like in 3D? Cubify My Picture is an application for Windows Phone 7 that will take a picture from your camera or saved pictures and convert them to 3D pixels. You can apply various effects to manipulate your picture such as the sphere and depth modes.

Cubify My Picture is available for free now on Windows Phone Marketplace. I’m interested in hearing any feedback you might have!


Get your free download of Cubify My Picture from the

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3
Some sample pictures that have been converted
Sample Image 1Sample Picture 2Sample Picture 3

Download onto your Windows Phone 7


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Jul 162011

As Microsoft still haven’t made their advertising SDK available I’ve put PebbleDash WP7 on hold for now.

Instead, I’ve started creating the beginnings of a space strategy game. The basic premise of the game is that there will be planets/asteroids that you can colonise with the aim to take over the solar system. Naturally, there’ll be rival factions with the same goal trying to stop you doing that. You’ll be able to build weapons, turrets and ships to defeat your rivals and expand your empire.

Right now I’ve started out with the renderer trying to come up with the style of the game. To stay with the current indie trends, I’ve decided to go down the voxel route recently popularised by Minecraft. Using cubes to layout my asteroids/planets helps massively with building placement and gives me the opportunity to do things like expanding and destroying sections of the asteroids (including splitting them in half!).

Next up is fleshing out what building types I want and working out how the tech tree fits. I’m planning on this being a relatively fast game to play so I’m aiming for all buildings to be at max tech within about an hour.

Anyhow, on to the screenshots!

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Apr 202011

Just a heads up that I’m nearing release of PebbleDash on Windows Phone 7. I’m planning on having both a paid and free ad supported versions and it will feature new improved tilesets and additional new levels on top of the Xbox 360 version!

Hopefully will be availble on the Zune marketplace in the next few weeks!

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Apr 172011

I’m trying out Dreamhost right now as they offer a few more features I want to use that my old providers couldn’t. Everything seems to have migrated over relatively simply so hopefully all is good!

This move gives me a few more options for my upcoming idea which should be available in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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Jan 312011

Finally got around to putting something up here that isn’t just a few basic links ;)

My name is Phil Lutas and this site is the home of my indie games and other bits of work I feel like posting. Feel free to browse around!

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